woensdag 21 januari 2015

Is de informatiechaos nabij?

De AIIM, de Global Community of Information Professionals, denkt van wel! Er is een totale ontwrichting op komst van de digitale informatie, vindt de AIIM. De Infochaos is niet ver meer. 

Een citaat uit een rondzendbrief die ik vandaag ontving:

Here’s our list of predictions for 2015:
1. The Questioning of Enterprise IT Reaches Critical Mass2. The Death of Records Management As We Know It3. The End of the Era of Cloud Geo-Neutrality4. Case Management Lights Up – A Rose By Any Other Name?5. Security Shifts from the Perimeter and the Device to the Asset Itself6. The “I” in “IT” Finally Becomes Real7. The Year E-mail Became Cool Again8. The Commoditization of File Sync and Share9. Collaboration Steals the Show from Enterprise SocialThis disruption will impact companies and organizations of all sizes. Potential “Blockbuster" stories — the sad story of moving from industry dominance to being totally replaced by Netflix in the span of just five years — are all around us. Even in an industry like taxis the winds of change are in motion — who could have ever predicted that Uber would use technology to compete with taxis?How can you help your organization prepare — and even embrace — the infochaos that will be created by the 9 predictions above?On a more personal level, how can you make sure that YOU have the skills, foresight, and connections to not only survive, but thrive in the turbulent times ahead?That's what The AIIM Conference 2015 (March 18-20 in San Diego) is all about. 

Er is een boekje over dit onderwerp uitgekomen, Digital Disruption — 10 Content and Information Predictions You Need to Understand . Je kunt het gratis downloaden als je de link volgt- neem die moeite en lees eens wat de grootste vereniging van informatieprofessionals hierover zegt. 

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